Too much information is a common problem that I see all the time on HVAC contractors websites. While the information is always provided with the intent of helping customers it often has the opposite effect leaving them confused and feeling overwhelmed. With the occasional exception, most customers don’t care about all of the technical specs for the equipment they are considering or understand how all of the components function—that’s what they look to you for. Just like a patient doesn’t need to understand how to perform an operation for it to be successful, your customers don’t have to know all the technical details about their HVAC system for it to keep them comfortable. Your customers don’t care about all the specs, they care about a better filtration system that will help the person in their family with bad allergies feel better, they care about keeping the air in their home fresh with an ERV, they care about making everyone comfortable with a zoning system and all of the other solutions that you can provide. So avoid the temptation to load up your site with tons of technical information and keep the focus on showing how you can solve your customers problems and keep them comfortable.