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Jeff Dykema Family

Jeff Dykema

President | Creative Director

Jeff’s a West Coast kind of guy. Before packing up and moving to the Los Angeles area in late 2008, he spent 35 years on the West coast of Lake Michigan in Holland, Michigan. Growing up in Michigan afforded Jeff more than a few opportunities to spend rainy and snowy afternoons drawing and painting at the kitchen table. Eventually, the seeds that were planted with crayons and tempura paint blossomed at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Jeff studied graphic design and marketing. Bouncing between the vastly different worlds of the art department and the business department helped make Jeff the right-brained, left-brained person he is today.

Jeff began his professional career working with a great group of people at The Image Group a communications agency in downtown Holland, Michigan. Over the last 14 years, Jeff has been instrumental in crafting marketing strategies for national and regional clients and executing the design work that gives the strategies traction.

After contributing his talents in both agency and in-house design department environments, Jeff acted on his life-long dream of starting his own business and founded JD-Design & Marketing Inc. in 2008. Realizing that the focus of the client’s message was often blurred by moving through the bureaucracy of typical agencies, Jeff set about to create a new kind of business. With an unwavering focus on working directly with his clients Jeff uses a discovery process to uncover the root problems that they are dealing with and develops strategic solutions to these pain points.

When he’s not working with a client to lay out a new marketing strategy or sitting in the glow of his Mac creating a new website, Jeff can be found indulging his other passions—hanging out with his wife Sarah, soaking up the sun while blasting across the water in his boat, and watching movies. He also enjoys reading anything relating to design & marketing and books about history. Jeff lives in Upland, California with his wife Sarah, their son Arie and their labradoodle Ernie. You can read more about Jeff and his family on Sarah’s blog: What’s Normal Anyway.

Experience: Web Design, SEO, Google Adwords, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Project Management, Print Design, Illustration, Copywriting, HTML, CSS, WordPress and the full line of software in the Adobe Creative Suite




Office Dog

While his creative skills are negligible at best, Ernie is second to none at providing alerts for UPS and FedEx deliveries and exterminating the errant lizard that gets into the office. When he’s not dreaming of running through Michigan’s snowy fields, wishing he had a friend named Bert, or eating socks he can be found trying to convince Jeff that it’s dinner time.

Experience: Barking, Sock Eating, Impressing Guests by jumping 4 foot fences, Sleeping, Eating a bowl of kibble in 2 seconds flat, and Destroying every indestructible chew toy he can get his paws on (so far only Kong has survived)

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