Americans are notorious for customizing almost anything that we can get our hands on. From motorcycles to drink coasters, we personalize everything. So, why should our printed communications be left out of the custom- izing craze.

The latest in digital printing technology allows us to customize your printed communications making them personalized for each of your customers. This technology, referred to as “variable data printing,” gives us the ability to put your customers name and personalized text into the printed communications you send them. It even allows us to plug in special photography and illustration for each customer as well as maps that are relevant to the area they are located in. Now you can send your customers a postcard about your latest special and have it include a map to your business location closest to them. You can even have a unique identifier number printed on them to track responses and identify contest winners.

Recent studies have shown that variable data printing can more than double the response rate of your direct mail. Be sure to contact us today to find out how we can use this technology to get you results.