Colors, almost everyone has a favorite one—mine is blue by the way. However, there’s more to color than mere preferences.

Color actually can evoke emotional and physiological reactions. red can actually arouse your appetite. Take a look the next time you drive past a fast food billboard, I’ll bet its red or a deep orange. Blue can create a calming effect and I wonder why it isn’t the standard color for all kids rooms.

Different cultures ascribe different meaning to certain colors. Traditionally, white is the color, or shade for you purists, that is associated with mourning in Chinese culture. In contrast, white is associated with weddings in western cultures.

Now, you don’t have to start worrying about the emotional or cultural intricacies associated with different colors. You can leave that to us. At JD Design & Marketing we are experts at color and we always take the subtleties of our color selections into account when we work on projects.